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Tradius is a cutting-edge, AI-empowered trading journal platform designed for both institutional and retail traders. Our core mission is to instill discipline and master the trading mentality. By delivering precise analytics and actionable insights, we empower users to refine their strategies and bolster decision-making. Institutional traders benefit from cohesive trade management tools, while individuals gain a systematic understanding of their trading behaviors


Tradius emerges as the premier tool for those targeting consistent outcomes. Partner with us for a disciplined and enlightened trading journey

My Role 

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Strategic Product Ideation & Voice of Customers Integration

Pioneered the product vision by steering ideation based on comprehensive usability studies and crucial customer feedback, ensuring alignment with market demands

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User-Centric Product Iterations

Achieved the evolution of the product through addressing the user feedback, resulting in successive refinements and achieving an outstanding 83% positive feedback rate

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MVP Development & Optimization

Revolutionized trading workflows, piloting a SaaS MVP tool for 30 beta users that boosted their win rates by 16%, illustrating a direct impact on user performance

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AI-Driven Web App Expansion

Led the transition from a basic Excel model to a sophisticated AI-enhanced web application post-MVP. Prioritized and addressed key user concerns, continuously improving and enriching the user experience

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Customer Challenges 

The landscape of trading is riddled with pitfalls and challenges. Many traders, whether they're novices or experienced, often fall victim to emotional decisions, lack of discipline, and an absence of systematic trading practices. Some common mistakes include:


  • Overtrading: Making excessive trades in a short time frame, often leading to significant losses.

  • Deviating from the Plan: Not sticking to a predetermined strategy, especially in high-pressure situations. 

  • Absence of a Consistent Recording System: Many traders don't have a robust system to record their trades, leading to a lack of clarity on what works and what doesn't.

  • Reactive Decision Making: Being overly reactive to market fluctuations instead of adhering to a predetermined strategy.

  • Lack of Self-Reflection: Not evaluating and learning from both successful and unsuccessful trades.


Therefore, trading is as much a game of mentality as it is of strategy. In the volatile world of trading, discipline, consistent strategies, and introspection are the keys to success. Recognizing the absence of a structured platform that aids traders in maintaining discipline, understanding their patterns, and learning from their mistakes, we aim to bridge this gap with our AI-Driven Trading Journal Platform.

Inadequate Analytical Tools

 While there are numerous trading tools available, there's a scarcity of platforms that provide comprehensive analysis tailored to individual trading styles and strategies.

Absence of Comprehensive Record-Keeping

Many platforms don't offer end-to-end solutions for chronicling trades. This lack becomes a hurdle, especially for retail traders who don't have the resources of larger institutions to track their trading history.

Lack of Customized Solutions

Institutional traders often deal with larger portfolios and require tools that can be adapted to their unique needs. Unfortunately, most tools available cater more to retail traders, leaving institutions wanting.

Over-generalized Insights

Many tools provide generalized market insights, which often don't cater to the nuanced needs of institutional traders or the specific strategies employed by retail traders.

Value Proposition

Our AI-Driven Trading Journal Platform is not just another tool but a comprehensive platform designed to address the challenges faced by traders daily. Through our platform, traders are equipped with:

Structured Journaling

Traders can maintain a detailed log of their daily activities, enabling them to identify patterns, reflect on their actions, and understand the reasons behind their wins and losses.

Strategy Integration

Traders can articulate, store, and refer back to their trading strategies, ensuring they remain aligned with their trading goals and discipline.

Data-Driven Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provides an aggregated view of trades, profits/losses, strategy efficacy, and more, empowering traders with data-driven insights and a clear overview of their trading journey

AI-Powered Insights

Leveraging AI, our platform provides real-time suggestions, strategy recommendations, and behavioral insights, helping traders refine their strategies and enhance decision-making.

Behavioral Analysis

By analyzing a user's trading behavior, the platform offers feedback on their discipline levels, adherence to strategies, and common mistakes, promoting a continuous learning environment.

Tailored News and Analysis

Curates the most relevant information for the trader, avoiding information overload and assisting in swift decision-making.





Understand the broader context, the target users, their behaviors, and the problems they face in the current environment. It aims to gather a high quantity of insights and open up a broad perspective.

This phase starts with a deep dive into the world of traders, seeking to understand their daily challenges, habits, tools, and mindsets. We conducted in-depth interviews with a variety of traders. By collecting raw data on their needs, frustrations, goals, and aspirations, the aim is to identify any unmet needs or opportunities for innovation.



After discovery, categorize insights about traders' habits and pain points. Using this, create "How Might We" questions to guide design, such as, "How might we help traders identify repeated mistakes?”

Identify and articulate the specific trading-related challenges and requirements.



Craft AI-driven solutions tailored for traders' unique needs.

Ideate features like AI-powered sentiment analysis for traders' emotions or predictive analytics for decision-making. Design initial prototypes, gather feedback from traders, and refine. Aim for a design that’s intuitive and answers the defined challenges.

Research Learning Points

Key Points
Learning Points
Product Opportunities
Lack of Continuous Learning Resources
Both individual and institutional traders expressed a desire for ongoing educational content relevant to their trades
Collaborate with trading experts to provide in-app micro-lessons or tips based on the trader's journal entries
Plan Deviation
A common challenge is traders creating a trading plan but not adhering to it
Incorporate a plan-versus-action comparison tool to highlight deviations and offer feedback on the impact of impromptu decisions
Limited Post-Trade Analysis
Many traders don’t spend enough time analyzing their trades after execution
Design a post-trade analysis prompt, prompting traders to reflect and document lessons learned
Emotion Over Analysis
Even among institutional traders, emotions often override analytical decisions, especially for discretionary traders
Offer sentiment analysis features which detect emotional language in trade notes, alerting traders to potentially irrational decisions
Win-Loss Discrepancy
Traders might win more trades, but their losing trades carry significantly higher value
Implement an AI-driven risk management tool that suggests position sizing based on traders' past win-loss value data
Overconfidence Paradox
Many people believe traders are outperforming the market, but 70% of them are actually losing money
Develop a reality-check feature that gives traders periodic snapshots of their true performance vs. their perceived performance

Customer Segmentation

Novice Day Traders:

  • Need guidance, learning resources, and basic tools to analyze their trading behavior.

  • AI-driven learning modules, beginner-friendly analytics, and protective features to prevent common trading mistakes.

Experienced Day Traders:

  • Look for advanced analytics, quick insights, and seamless UI for rapid trading decisions.

  • Fast real-time AI insights, sentiment analysis, and hotkey functionalities to streamline their trading.

Swing Traders/ Long-term Investors:

  • Require deeper analysis tools, longer-term predictions, and portfolio balancing features.

  • Advanced portfolio analytics, long-term trend predictions by the AI, and suggestions for portfolio diversification.

Large-scale Asset Managers:

  • Require comprehensive tools for oversight, detailed analytics, and robust reporting capabilities.

  • They seek tools that easily integrate with other institutional systems. Tailored AI analytics that align with large-scale trading strategies, coupled with advanced integration capabilities.

Hedge Fund Managers:

  • Desire predictive insights and unconventional trading strategies, often taking higher risks.

  • Advanced AI-driven risk assessment tools and innovative trade strategy suggestions based on market sentiment analysis.

Quantitative Traders:

  • Rely heavily on algorithms and mathematical models for trading.

  • AI models that can be fine-tuned to align with their algorithms, and back-testing tools using historical data.

Traders who are part of larger financial institutions, hedge funds, or banks and manage significant asset portfolios.

Independent traders, often trading with personal funds and not attached to any larger financial institutions.

Institutional Traders

Retail Traders

Customer Pain Points and Solutions

Customer Segmentation
Pain Points
Large-scale Asset Managers
Difficulty in ensuring all trades align with overarching strategies, leading to deviation and inconsistency. Managing vast portfolios results in a flood of data, challenging to make sense of without robust tools
Provide institutional traders with feedback on their discipline levels, helping them consistently align with large-scale trading strategies
Hedge Fund Managers
Given the high-risk nature of hedge funds, any deviation from the strategy can lead to significant losses.The need for faster, actionable insights based on current market trends and fund performance
Ensuring every decision aligns with the fund's risk profile and strategy. Real-time suggestions and insights to enhance decision-making in the fast-paced hedge fund environment
Quantitative Traders
The world of trading can be daunting, and without guidance, it's easy to make costly mistakes. Often, they lack a clear, articulated trading strategy
Offering step-by-step guidance, allowing them to reflect on their actions and learn. Assistance in defining and adhering to a clear trading strategy
Experienced Day Traders
With experience, there can be a tendency to rely on intuition over strategy, leading to inconsistent trading behaviors.
Continuous feedback on their discipline and strategy adherence, ensuring consistent and effective trading
Swing Traders/Long-term Investors
Challenges in monitoring and reflecting on long-term strategies and decisions. Over time, they might deviate from their initial investment thesis without realizing.
Help these traders maintain a clear record of their long-term strategies and ensure adherence over time

Product Key Features

Feature prioritization is performed by assessing each feature's effectiveness in addressing user needs, the engineering efforts required, its ease of implementation, and associated risks, ensuring that the most impactful and feasible features are developed first. This framwork enables us to concentrate on delivering the most valuable features to our users, ensuring a successful and efficient MVP product development journey, with the option to incorporate additional features in subsequent development phases

  • Effectiveness: Measures how well a feature will address core user needs and problems. Prioritize features that directly improve user outcomes, such as enhancing decision-making, trading patterns, or fostering discipline

  • Engineering Efforts: Assesses the amount of time and resources required to develop a feature. Features that require vast resources should offer significant value. Those that are quicker to implement can be prioritized if they provide quick wins or foundational improvements

  • Ease of Implementation: We evaluate how straightforward the development process is for a feature. Features that can be seamlessly integrated without disrupting current workflows or requiring major overhauls should be given priority. They often lead to faster releases and early user feedback

  • Risk: Gauges potential negative impacts, such as security concerns, data breaches, or major bugs. Features with high risk need thorough review and testing. If a feature's risk outweighs its benefits, it might be re-evaluated or redesigned. Safety and reliability are paramount

AI-driven Performance Insights

  • Central to our proposition, this feature delivers personalized data-driven insights, guiding users in understanding their trading behaviors. Despite its demanding AI integration, its profound influence on user decision-making solidifies its place at the top.

Trade Logging with Contextual Notes

  • This foundational feature facilitates users in meticulously documenting every trade's rationale. With its direct approach to data entry and storage, its implementation is relatively straightforward, yet it directly addresses traders' core needs.

Customizable Performance Dashboards

  • Enhancing user engagement, these dashboards offer visual metrics on trading performance. The development would involve creating an intuitive UI and integrating data visualization tools, enriching the user experience profoundly.

Strategy Analysis and Logging

  • An evolution of traditional trade logs, this feature empowers users to not just log trades but dissect and understand the strategies behind them. Although it requires intricate data structures, its capacity to foster reflective learning and iterative improvement in traders is unparalleled.

User Persona 1 - the Novice Day Trader

Persona- Jack.png

Customer Journey

User Persona 2 - Hedge Fund Manager


Customer Journey

Project Roadmap

User Story

Acceptance Criteria

  • A dashboard showing a consolidated view of all      managed portfolios.

  • Tools for detailed risk assessment and asset      allocation.

  • Features to collaborate with teams on decision-     making.

  • In-depth reporting tools with both summary and    detailed export options.

  • Real-time market data and news updates.

  • AI-powered predictive analytics for market trends.

  • Tools to simulate and assess different trading strategies.

  • Security features to ensure trade confidentiality.

  • Infrastructure to process and analyze high-frequency data.

  • Tools to backtest trading algorithms against historical data.

  • Integration options for custom algorithms and third-party tools.

  • Visualization tools for algorithm performance metrics.

  • Educational resources tailored to beginners. 

  • Interactive simulations for risk-free trading practice.

  • Insights on common trading pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  • Feedback on trading decisions to foster learning.

  • Access to real-time market data with low latency.

  • Customizable alerts based on user-defined criteria.

  • Tools to analyze trade history and refine strategies.

  • Social features to collaborate and share insights with a trading community.

  • Deep historical market data for long-term trend analysis.

  • Predictive analytics highlighting potential market shifts.

  • Portfolio management tools for long-term goal setting.

  • News aggregation tailored to longer-term market factors.

Large-scale Asset Managers

As a senior asset manager, I want a macro-level view of the markets, along with tools to efficiently manage multiple portfolios to optimize client returns.

Hedge Fund Managers

As a hedge fund manager, I require advanced analytical tools to identify short-term market opportunities and hedge risks effectively.

Quantitative Traders

As a quantitative trader, I need a platform that can process vast amounts of data quickly to backtest and refine my algorithmic strategies.

Novice Day Traders

As a new trader, I seek guidance and tools to help me understand the market and develop my trading acumen.

Experienced Day Traders

As an experienced trader, I need fast, reliable data and tools to execute my daily trades while staying ahead of the market.

Swing Trader/Long-term Investors

As a swing trader/long-term investor, I want tools that help me analyze market trends over longer periods to make informed entry and exit decisions.

  •  Implement state-of-the-art encryption protocols for data at rest and in transit. Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments with third-party agencies. Use multi-factor authentication and strict access controls for all users. 

  • Regularly update the AI models to adapt to the latest market conditions. Cross-validate predictions with different models to ensure consistency. Maintain transparency by allowing users to understand the factors influencing AI predictions.

  • Implement redundant servers and backup systems in different geographical locations. Regularly conduct stress testing to handle high user loads. Offer a 24/7 support team to quickly address any technical issues.

  • Have a dedicated legal team to monitor global financial regulations and ensure the platform's compliance.

  • Build flexibility into the platform's architecture so it can quickly adapt to regulatory changes.

  • Conduct regular compliance training for staff.

  • Offer comprehensive educational content and tutorials for each tool and feature.

  • Clearly communicate the limitations and uncertainties associated with predictions and analytics.

  • Implement user feedback loops to continually refine and clarify tool interfaces.

  • Implement strong password policies and periodic mandatory password resets.

  • Use machine learning to detect suspicious activity and lock accounts with irregular behaviors.

  • Provide user training on phishing awareness and securing their accounts.

Data Breaches

Unauthorized access or exposure of traders' personal and trading data, which can lead to financial losses or reputational damage.

Inaccurate Market Predictions and AI Biases

The AI system could make predictions based on outdated or biased data, leading users to make ill-informed trading decisions.

Downtime and Service Interruptions

Unexpected system outages could prevent traders from accessing their data or making timely trades, potentially resulting in financial losses.

Regulatory Changes and Compliance Issues

Changes in global financial regulations could impose restrictions or necessitate platform modifications, affecting user experience and operations.


User Misinterpretation of Data and Tools

Users might misunderstand or misuse platform features, leading to potential trading mistakes or financial losses.

Unauthorized Access to User Accounts

If malicious actors gain access to user accounts, they could engage in fraudulent activities, manipulate data, or misuse funds.


Risk Mitigation


Go To Market Strategy


Direct Sales to Institutional Players

Target large financial institutions, hedge funds, and asset managers with a dedicated sales team. By focusing on direct interactions, we can tailor presentations to meet the specific needs and challenges of these high-value clients. This method ensures the platform's alignment with their intricate workflows, and high trading volumes make them essential early adopters.


Freemium Model for Retail Traders

Offer retail traders a basic version of Tradius for free with limited features. As they experience the value the platform provides, they can be upsold to premium versions. This model facilitates quick user acquisition and an understanding of user behavior, helping in refining the product further.


Partner with Trading Education Platforms

Collaboration with online trading schools or courses can provide Tradius as an integrated tool for their students. It becomes a win-win as trading students get hands-on experience with an advanced tool, and Tradius gains access to a captive audience, potentially converting students to long-term users.


Content Marketing & Thought Leadership

Establish a strong online presence through consistent publication of insightful articles, research papers, and tutorials on trading strategies, market trends, and how Tradius can be leveraged for success. This positions Tradius as a leader in the space and draws organic interest from both novice and experienced traders.

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